Product Owner

Lương: Thỏa Thuận

Công ty: GHN Express,

Phòng ban: Technology

Hạn chót: 09/04 — 09/05/2019

Mô tả công việc


Product Owner is an important role to connect user with Engineer team. You will be in charge everything about product since it’s an idea till it launches to production. Follow it, enhance it, make users happy, do metrics calculation to prove your product is healthy.

  • Analyze operation process to provide solutions by system. 
  • Setup plan for feature development. 
  • Write specification to help developers implement the product. 
  • Give opinion to improve UI/UX. 
  • Support UAT in testing, verifying bugs/issues. 
  • Monitoring product & tracking new features, analyze what feature need to be improved. 

  • Customer perspective: always play customer role when considering to create / update / remove a feature.
  • Able to use mockup software to design UX/UI, layout and navigation flows.
  • Communicate with impact: able to explain complex problems in one or two sentences.
  • An attention to details and a never-satisfying attitude: able to pick out small discrepancies in layout design and propose solutions.
  • Simple approach: always find simplest solutions

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